Our Tea Story

BAWANGCHAJI is a premium tea beverage brand innovated by Shenzhen Taste Perception Catering Culture Management Co. Ltd. in China, the land known as the birthplace of tea.

Tea is one of the oldest cultural treasures ever known, with an extensive history spanning across thousands of years. Realising that cultural heritages continuously face the danger of being forgotten in the rapid modernisation of time, we took it upon ourselves the mission to resuscitate and reintroduce the Chinese tea culture to the world.

The first BAWANGCHAJI store was opened in 51 Road, Kunming, Yunnan Province in November 2017. As one of the earliest regional teahouse chains that insist on serving the original tea leaves of the Chinese culture, we have paved the way to the rise of the new generation tea beverages trend that began in 2017 until today.

To date, we have approximately 300 BAWANGCHAJI stores located across 4 different countries globally.

Like our tea beverages, the design of our stores displays the perfect balance between traditional and modern elements.

What Makes Us Different?

As you step into our stores, you will be greeted with a sight of elegant interior elements and clean, white lighting that bring peace to the heart

The calming sound of trickling tea, coupled with the soothing music playing in the background will send you into a serene frame of mind

The fragrant aroma of brewing tea – slightly roasty, faintly floral – will entice your senses and prepare you for your perfect tea order

Your first grip on our solid cup of tea beverage will tell it all – our dedication, our love, and our promise to provide only the best quality of things

Prepare to be surprised by the multitude of delicious flavours we have curated from just tea leaves – one sip and you’ll never think of tea as boring ever again

About Our Tea



BAWANGCHAJI Organic Tea Farm is located at 1,588 metres above sea level in Lincang, Yunnan, which serves as the optimal atmosphere for the growth of tea plants.

BAWANGCHAJI Organic Tea is recognised and certified organic by the relevant authorities in China, Japan, USA as well as Europe. On April 2017, BAWANGCHAJI was awarded the world record of “The Largest Organic Oolong Tea Farm in the World”.

Organic Tea Leaves are processed in 12 traditional steps, namely: plucking, sun withering, indoor withering, tossing, rolling, repeat rolling, finished semi-made tea, stalk extracting, hot air drying, semi-made tea drying, shaping and wet fermentation.

Everything Is Better With Tea

Indulge in the goodness of tea in any of our four tea beverage series.

Tea Macchiato Series

Premium Tea with
Fresh New Zealand Cheese

Fresh Milk Tea Series

Premium Tea with
Fresh New Zealand Milk

Brew Tea Series

Cold Brew Tea

Fresh Fruit Tea Series

Premium Tea
with Fresh Fruit

Our Big Big Cup

Drop-dead Gorgeous

Fair, slim, and tall – isn’t that what we all wish to be? Well, let our BIG BIG cup accompany you and be your inspiration as you work towards that goal.

Perfect Selfie Prop

Do away with the boring peace sign and up your selfie game with our elegant BIG BIG cup – you never know, your likes may just shoot up the roof.

Creativity Canvas

The clean and white design of our BIG BIG cup is our invite for you to express your inner creativity – because who says doodling isn’t a form of art?

Safe Temperature Grip

The separated space inside the bottom part of the cup means you can have a safe and comfortable grip, whether you’re enjoying a hot or cold beverage.

Super Size Tea Volume

Don’t worry! Even with the extra space at the bottom, our BIG BIG cup still provides a satisfying 700ml serving of your favourite beverage for maximum enjoyment.

Tear For Surprise

With our BIG BIG Cup, the fun doesn’t end when you finish your drink – tear open the bottom part of the cup to reveal a surprise gift you can take home!

The 1st Tea Chain Flagship Store In Malaysia:

BAWANGCHAJI Solaris Mont Kiara

Elevated interior design with a more polished ambience – for those looking for a premium tea experience

First store to unveil all launches of new products and special seasonal items

Exclusive BAWANGCHAJI Elite Club membership with a metal Elite Club Card offering VIP perks and promotions

Currently the only BAWANGCHAJI store with a menu featuring food selections that serve as perfect accompaniments to tea beverages