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Coming from the oolong tea family, the Tie Guan Yin Milk Tea will make your stomach yearn for more due to its strong and nutty taste, paired with a flowery aroma that creates the perfect balance.

Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea

Uniquely sweet and buttery fragrance, incorporated with fresh milk from New Zealand, making an aromatic and soothing sip,  widely loved by our tea friends!

Glutinous Rice Milk Tea

Yunnan speciality herb glutinous rice leaves scenting into green tea base,  strong glutinous rice aroma and leaving a sweet lasting flavour.

Da Hong Pao Milk Tea

Using high-quality Da Hong Pao tea leaves with fresh milk from New Zealand, the tea tenderness is good, the tea aroma is strong, and the fragrance is lasting.

Combining the sweetness of the white peach and the strong roast of the oolong tea, the White Peach Oolong Milk Tea makes a great beverage to enjoy at any time of day.

Sip on the finest green tea beverage blend in Malaysia with the Jasmine Green Milk Tea as you take a whiff of the aromatic scent of jasmine.

Yunnan Puer Milk Tea
 Crafted with the finest Pu Er tea leaves meticulously sourced from the verdant fields of Yunnan. The taste of tea and milk is perfectly blended, greatly reducing the bitterness, and bringing out its sweet and smooth taste.
寻香山茶 Camellia cup 1

Light camellia flowers bloom in every mouthful of milk tea.  Fine taste, sweet and comfortable tea soup in the mouth hovering lingering, fresh and long-lasting, leaving an endless aftertaste.


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Osmanthus Oolong snowy frappe
Osmanthus Oolong Snowy Frappé is an elegant choice for any affair. Delicate Osmanthus Oolong pairs seamlessly with our luxurious New Zealand milk, crowned with freshly whipped cream for a truly refined indulgence.
Yunnan puer snowy frappe
Yunnan Puer Snowy Frappé has a refined fusion of earthy notes from Yunnan Puer, harmonizing flawlessly with our premium New Zealand milk and freshly whipped cream. Enhanced with a tantalizing chocolate swirl for an unforgettable twist of flavor.
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Prepare to be surprised by the multitude of delicious flavours we have curated from just tea leaves – one sip and you’ll never think of tea as boring ever again.