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Premium Cold Brew Tea Series in Malaysia

Elevate your tea experience with CHAGEE’s premium brew tea series that suits every kind of tea drinker. Our collection showcases the finest cold brew teas, expertly brewed to perfection.

Indulge in the pure essence of tea, cold brewed and discover the many benefits, from its smoother taste to heightened antioxidant levels. With CHAGEE’s premium cold brew tea series, every sip is a journey to tea perfection. 

[ 纯茶 ]

Coming from the oolong tea family, the Tie Guan Yin Milk Tea will make your stomach yearn for more due to its strong and nutty taste, paired with a flowery aroma that creates the perfect balance.

The colour of the tea is bright orange and red, and the tea fragrance is rich. If it is cold, the fragrance of the tea will be more distant and mellow.

It is baked with tea leaves from Yunnan as the raw material. The soup is yellowish green in colour, mellow in taste, and has a unique glutinous rice fragrance taste, lasting flavour and endless aftertaste.

Get the gentle citrus aroma hint that blends perfectly with the earthiness of our Puer tea. It brings out the earthy tones of the tea and makes for an incredible drinking experience.

Camellia Pure Tea cup 1

The perfect blend of Camellia flower and Oolong Tea tones up the richness of Oolong flavour and comes with a subtle and airy fresh Camellia flower aftertaste just like flower blossoms in every sip.

[ 奶盖茶 ]

Guan Yin Yun Tie Guan Yin Tea MCT 1

Enjoy the richness of the tie guan yin tea aroma and topped with a layer of fresh New Zealand cream cheese on top to add some creaminess.

Zuo Hong Pao Da Hong Pao Tea MCT

The Da Hong Pao Macchiato adds a flavourful cheese cap that rounds out the earthy tones of the tea with a fullness that only cheese can bring, leaving a dense and rich aftertaste, balanced by the clean freshness of the tea blend.

Yun Zhong Lv Glutinous Rice Green Tea MCT

If you love the fragrance of barley, you’d love our Premium Glutinous Green Tea Macchiato! Topped with a layer of fresh New Zealand cream cheese to add creaminess to our tea.

Chen Gan Puer MCT

If you love the fragrance of Pu Er Tea, you musy try to top with a layer of fresh New Zealand cream cheese to add some creaminess to our tea!

Camellia Tea Macchiato cup

Light camellia flowers bloom in every mouthful of tea, and topped with a layer of fresh New Zealand cream cheese to add some creaminess to our tea.

[ 冷泡茶 ]

Oriental Beauty Cold Brew Tea

It is a famous tea in Taiwan, and also the best of oolong tea. The Oriental Beauty cold brew tea is thick in flavour and bright in colour.

Da Hong Pao Cold Brew Tea

A robust and toasty tea with notes of minerals and savoury cinnamon, we present you Premium Da Hong Pao Cold Brew. Natural honey taste, sweet and mellow, mouthwatering, excellent taste and aroma, especially suitable for women to drink, worthy of the name beauty tea.

Tie Guan Yin Cold Brew Tea

High-quality Tieguanyin tea base, from Anxi, Fujian. The taste is sweet and clear, with a light orchid scent. Its fresh and flowery notes are coveted around the world!

FAQ for Cold Brew Tea

What exactly is cold brew tea?

Cold brew tea is a method of steeping tea leaves or tea bags in cold or room temperature water for an extended period, typically 8-12 hours or overnight. This slow brewing process extracts flavours more gently compared to hot brewing, resulting in a smoother, mellower tea with less bitterness. Cold brew tea is known for its refreshing taste and versatility in flavour profiles.

What are the benefits of cold brew tea?

Cold brew tea offers numerous benefits, including a smoother taste, reduced bitterness, heightened antioxidant levels, and greater versatility in flavour extraction compared to traditional hot brewing methods.

What are the best teas to cold brew?

While various teas can be cold brewed, certain types are particularly well-suited for this method. Teas such as green tea, white tea, oolong tea, and herbal teas tend to yield excellent results when cold brewed due to their delicate flavours and lower bitterness.

What equipment and ingredients are required to cold brew tea?

Cold brewing tea is a simple process that requires minimal equipment. All you need is your choice of tea leaves or tea bags, cold water, a container for brewing (such as a pitcher or glass jar), and time for steeping. Optionally, you may use a strainer or filter to remove the tea leaves after brewing.

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