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Guan Yin Yun Tie Guan Yin Tea Pure Tea

Taste the goodness and richness of Tie Guan Yin tea whether in its pure form, with a splash of espresso or in a cold brew. This tea is suitable for those who want a fresh start to their morning so they are ready for the day.

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As you step into our stores, you will be greeted with a sight of elegant interior elements and clean, white lighting that bring peace to the heart. 


The calming sound of trickling tea, coupled with the soothing music playing in the background will send you into a serene frame of mind.


The fragrant aroma of brewing tea – slightly roasty, faintly floral – will entice your senses and prepare you for your perfect tea order.


Your first grip on our solid cup of tea beverage will tell it all – our dedication, our love, and our promise to provide only the best quality of things.


Prepare to be surprised by the multitude of delicious flavours we have curated from just tea leaves – one sip and you’ll never think of tea as boring ever again.