1. Where does BaWangChaJi originated from?

    BaWangChaJi is a fast-emerging Chinese Tea brand under BeiJing’s  Chaji Catering Management Co. Ltd in China, the land known as the birthplace of tea. It is one of the earliest regional teahouse chains that positions itself as the purveyor of Original Tea Leaf of the Chinese Culture.

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  2. What makes your teas and drinks special?

    The organic premium tea leaves that BaWangChaJi use to serve our tealovers are from our self-owned tea plantation in Yunnan, China. Our organic tea is recognised and certified by the relevant authorities in China, Japan the United States and Europe. Furthermore, we are awarded ‘The World’s Largest Organic Oolong Tea Farm’ by the World Records Association in April 2017.

  3. Where can I find the nearest BaWangChaJi outlet?

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  4. The Milk Tea series Cup is so BIG, what is so special about the cup?

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  5. Are there any hot options for milk tea?

    We serve our milk tea series at hot temperature with an addition of RM2.

  6. Can I adjust the sugar level and ice level?

    The standard sweetness of our brand is generally acceptable by most of our customers as it is not overly sweet. However, you still can advise our outlet on your preferred sweetness level. For ice level, except for Macchiato series and ice blended drinks, you can choose between normal ice, less ice and no ice.

  7. Do you offer the same menu for delivery? Why are some of your drinks not available for delivery?

    Due to the travel distance and time of food delivery services, Tea Macchiato series and Snowy series are only available for walk-in purchase as the drinks are best to be consumed fresh.

    Regarding the issue of the absence of other products on our delivery menu, it might be due to some glitches or bugs in the delivery platform, or it might be due to the fact that our outlets ran out of stock. Kindly try again in a few moments.

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